It’s never too early for a spring clean

Amen Sharma

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We’re all told that spring is the season for giving our houses a jolly good clean. Whoever thought of this idea had obviously never been to Britain. If they had, they would have realised that whenever the sun is out, we are all obliged to go outside and soak up the sun’s rays, much like lemurs, even if there is still a chill in the air.

This means that ‘spring cleans’ are actually best done before the daffodils open and the blossom appears on the trees. So while the weather’s winter-like and the sun is still low in the sky, now’s time to dust off your dusters and clear those cobwebs lurking behind the sofa.

Now is also a great time to de-clutter

It’s amazing how much clutter can build up over the space of a year.

Now is the ideal time to take stock and decide if you really need that many magazines within easy reach of your sofa. And that book you received for Christmas but haven’t had a chance to read yet? Now’s the time to put it on the bookshelf and resign yourself to the fact that one-twelfth of the year has passed and you still haven’t opened it, so what difference is it going to make leaving it there for the next 6 months? Make a note to take it on your summer hols, instead.

De-cluttering doesn’t have to mean taking bags of stuff to the local charity shop. You can also make your home look less cluttered by re-organising your space.

Which neatly brings us on to our next section…

Floating shelves can help you to keep your house looking tidy

Adding some oak floating shelves to your home can give you that extra little bit of surface space to display items such as photos or books, so they don’t have to sit untidily on your coffee table or on the arms of your sofa. And as our oak floating shelves come in a wide variety of colour finishes and size options, you’re sure to find something to perfectly complement your home.

If your house is more traditional or you want to create a more rustic feel, rustic floating shelves are a great way to do this.

Even better, the concealed shelf supports that come free with our floating shelves, can also help to reduce the feeling of clutter that often comes hand in hand with brackets or other types of shelf supports.

Plus, if you weren’t already convinced, if you’re thinking of moving house this year, de-cluttering could help to make your home more attractive to potential buyers.

So what are you waiting for? Roll up your sleeves and start your spring cleaning before the weather begins to improve.

Remember, de-cluttering doesn’t have to mean ditching. An oak floating shelf could help you to display your belongings at the same time as keeping your home looking tidy.

Can’t find the shelf size you need? We also offer a fully bespoke made-to-measure service. Get in touch today to find out more.