How To Make The Perfect Indoor Plant Display

Rebecca Armstrong

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If you’re considering creating a house plant display but don’t know where to start, we’ll explain everything from varieties of houseplants which require minimal maintenance, to where to place your plants to ensure you end up with a display all your friends and family will be envious of.

  1. Pick a plant to suit your space

Going to the garden centre to buy an indoor plant can be daunting. With so much to choose from, it can be tempting to pick a plant purely for looks. However, it’s important to go for a plant that will be happy in the environment where you intend to put it, if you want to make sure it thrives.

Some plants, such as Fiddle Leaf Figs (Ficus Lyrata), need full sunlight for most of the day and are only really suitable for south-facing rooms with large windows. Others, like the Madagascar Dragon Tree (Dracaena Marginata), are best kept out of direct sunlight, as the sun can burn their leaves. Some, like air plants, need to be in damp conditions (a bathroom, for example), while others, like the Madagascar Dragon Tree we mentioned above, will happily live in our dry, centrally-heated homes.

Also, consider how fast you would like your plant to grow. Swiss cheese plants (Monstera Deliciosa) are fast growers and can easily be propagated, so you can end up with many plants for the price of one!

  1. Consider how much care a plant will need

If you are someone who always forgets to water your plants (guilty as charged), you are going to want to go for a plant which requires minimal maintenance.

Some plants will also require misting between watering to keep the humidity levels up, so do your research to find out if a particular plant you have your eye on requires the level of care you’re happy to give.

  1. Arrange your plants on an oak floating shelf

A selection of trailing and upright plants placed on an oak floating shelf is a really easy way to create a real statement piece in your room.

One of our favourites for oak floating shelf displays is the Marble Pothos (Epipremnum aureum). This plant has beautiful, trailing vines and is also really easy to look after, as it only needs watering on a weekly basis and can tolerate low light. Plus, you can propagate it by simply cutting a stem and placing it in water. So you will have many marble pothos plants to place in other parts of your home in no time at all!

Just remember to put your plant pots on drainage saucers (you can pick them up for a couple of pounds from your local garden centre), so that the water doesn’t damage your beautiful oak floating shelf.

  1. Artificial plants look great and require zero maintenance

If looking after indoor plants sounds like too much work, you can buy artificial plants which look like the real deal but don’t require any care at all!

As always, if we have inspired you to make your very own indoor plant display on one of our oak floating shelves, get in touch and send us some photos!