We Reveal Some Of Our Favourite Photos From 2020

Freddie Armstrong

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We love it when we get to see photos of our fireplace mantels and other products in our customers’ homes. To celebrate the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, we’ve picked out our favourite photos of 2020. These should provide you with design inspiration for your next oak-themed project.

Effortless elegance by @thepramshed

Dark blue walls contrast beautifully with the bright, natural solid oak beam @thepramshed has installed above their fireplace opening.

What we particularly love about this room is the pop of yellow from the vase sitting on top of the fireplace mantel. This really makes the space feel warm and welcoming. Placing the round mirror above the solid oak beam has created a stunning contrast between the hard edges of the oak and the softness of the circle.

If you’re looking to create a similar effect in your home, go for an oak beam which will ‘pop’ against your colour scheme. Pick one block colour for your walls and use ornaments on top of your fireplace mantel, as well as blankets and cushions, in a bright, contrasting colour.

Classic Oak Beam Light

Create a stunning display on your oak beam like @ruthfoley3

Solid oak beams make a great focal point above your fireplace. Adding a range of different-sized ornaments and trinkets to your fireplace mantel, just as @ruthfoley3 has done, is a great way to create a beautiful display, that you can change to reflect the seasons.

Sticking with white or pale walls and using other items in the room to add colour, is a really simple way to create a beautiful and elegant space.

Aged Oak Beam Medium Oak

Use splashes of colour and contrasting patterns to complement your fireplace mantel like @linsdrabwell

We absolutely love the pink geometric print tiles underneath the solid oak beam and the flower print behind the shelves.

The clash of the floral and geometric patterns works amazingly well and creates a really fun look. We can imagine seeing in the pages of an interior design magazine. If you want to re-create this look in your room, pick your base colour first. @linsdrabwell has gone for pink. (The pink vase, the geometric tiles, the cushion and the pink flowers behind the bookshelves). When you’re picking out your tiles and wallpaper, make sure they both have that colour in them somewhere and you can’t go wrong!

Aged Oak Beam

Make your fireplace mantel the star of the show like @a_house_and_its_chows

@a_house_and_its_chows proves that simple, chic style will never go out of fashion. Muted tones and off-white walls make the perfect backdrop to a spectacular fireplace with a stunning solid oak beam.

If you want to re-create this favourite photo of 2020, go for subtle shades and the less-is-more approach for accessorising. Candles, jugs and plants in a range of different heights and textures finish this look off perfectly. (we particularly love the pampas grass)

We hope this small selection of photos from 2020 has helped to inspire your next redecorating project. Make sure to send us your photos of what you do this year…you never know, you could be on our favourite list and helping to inspire others in January 2022!

Aged Oak Beam Light