5 Easter decor ideas you won’t want to miss!

Freddie Armstrong

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With lockdown rules set to ease on 29th March to allow two households to meet in a garden, this Easter is set to be a celebration like never before. If you’re looking for ideas to decorate your house and garden for Easter 2021, we’ve got 5 Easter decor ideas to get you in the spring spirit!

1. Bunny bunting

There’s nothing that says spring garden gathering like a bit of bunting fluttering in the breeze. If you’re feeling creative, you can easily make your own bunny bunting by cutting rabbit shapes out of colourful card and using a hole punch to make holes for your string. There are plenty of templates available online, if you need them.

Alternatively, you can pick up some colourful bunny bunting from online marketplace Etsy.

Remember to decorate your house as well as your garden, as your guests may need to walk through to use your toilet. If you have a fireplace, your oak beam is the perfect place to string your Easter bunting from. Which brings us to our next idea…


Oak Beam Easter Decor

2. Adorn your oak beam for Easter

An oak fireplace beam is the ideal place to create a seasonal display. As well as the bunny bunting, you could add some faux foliage, dotted with little nests of colourful eggs.

Add a spring-themed wreath above your oak mantelpiece like @a_house_and_its_chows and some little pots of daffodils in amongst the foliage and your living space will be singing with spring spirit.

Spring Inspiration


3. Integrate an Easter egg hunt into your decor

Everyone loves an Easter egg hunt. Make the eggs even harder to find by hiding them amongst your Easter decorations.

If you’re spending your Easter weekend in the garden with another household, you could hide some of your eggs amongst some bunting hanging on a bush.

If it’s just your household and you can widen the hunt to indoors, you could hide your eggs amongst your oak mantelpiece decorations, so they’re even harder to locate.


4. Turn your old Wellington boots into an Easter masterpiece

Making your garden suitably festive doesn’t have to break the bank. You can create a wonderful Easter-themed focal point simply by filling your old wellies with straw and adding a few colourful eggs. Sprinkle some straw around the boots too and place a few smaller eggs on the floor, so it looks like your boots have exploded with Easter eggs.

Even better, you can eat all the eggs, add the straw to your compost heap and wear your wellies again afterwards.


5. Make tiny Easter gardens with your old jam jars

Create your own Easter terrariums by adding some soil, gravel and moss to old jam jars. Make some miniature nests using tiny twigs or straw and add in some mini eggs and a few mini chenille chicks (available online) and you’ve got your own tiny Easter garden.

If you want something more colourful, you could layer coloured sand instead to create your base, then add your chicks and eggs on top.

Dot them around your garden or add them to your dining table as a fun centrepiece.

These also look great as part of an Easter display on an oak fireplace beam!