Our Air Dried Oak Beams

Freddie Armstrong

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Here at Traditional Beams we pride ourselves on our large stock of air dried oak beams, with sizes varying from 120mm right up to 300mm and lengths up to 5m. After all, we’re specialists in this field so it’s crucial we stock large quantities of air dried oak beams in a variety of sizes.

Air dried oak beams

Whether you’re looking for a small oak beam for a DIY fireplace project or a large quantity of structural oak beams for a restoration project, Traditional Beams have the beams you need!

Air dried oak beams can be anywhere from 6 months air dried to 10 years. We try to stock beams at least 18 months air dried. This way we benefit from the beam being dry enough for internal use without unwanted distortion such as twists or bows.

Air dried oak is typically dark in colour, this is not the natural colour of the oak but simply the result of years of weathering. The weathered surface can be easily removed by planing revealing the beautiful golden oak colour.

We offer a number of highly bespoke options including: Cutting to length, ripping to size, planing, sanding, brushing, anti infestation treatment and waxing or oiling. With our rigorous finishing processes you can customise your beam fully.

The most popular additional process we offer is our ability to cut any size beam to the exact size you require with our on site Wood-Mizer sawmill. The ability to be able to supply obscure sizes makes us very popular with structural engineers and the self builder alike.

Whatever size air dried oak beams you require we will almost certainly be able to help. Even in the unlikely event we don’t have the beams you require in stock, this is no reason to worry. We have access to even larger stocks of air dried beams through the multiple well established sawmills we work with in Europe.