Why you should add oak furniture to your home

Amen Sharma

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If you are looking to rejuvenate your home, why not take inspiration from stylish designs crafted from solid oak wood? Solid oak wood is being used by many designers to elevated natural beauty and simplicity in your home. Here are a few reasons why you should add it to your home.

Natural Beauty
Furniture created from solid oak wood boasts a unique beauty that is brimming with character. When you buy any furniture from Traditional Beams, you can guarantee it is made from solid oak. The beautiful furniture is enhanced by natural staining and nature made imperfections, also meaning every piece is unique. If you are considering wood furniture in your home, solid oak will enhance your home’s natural beauty and reconnects it with nature.

Oak can have numerous finishings applied to accompany any decor, providing a timeless quality that appeals to homeowners. Unlike some materials, it is flexible to multiple settings and has a timeless quality, ideal for homes and families. It is extremely hardwearing and will never go out of style, accommodating itself to rustic interiors and contemporary homes.

Oakwood is shaped from the tree and solid oak beams, it is therefore unique and every result shows it’s own story. Although they can be manufactured to look similar, they each have an individual element to enhance your home with originality and style. There are some inspiring designs in the market currently, proving that oak can be simple or as creative as you want. Anything can become a focal point within your home.

Oak is the furniture of choice for durability and matures to build character over time. Whilst a few scratches may add to the character, you can also have it easily treated by a professional. It is, therefore, a perfect investment for years to come when faux oak furniture begins to break down. It also increases in value over time, as they retain their elegance and gain character. Also a perfect heirloom, an investment in a first home that can be passed to future children and grandchildren looking as good as the day it was made.

There are plenty of advantages to oak, truly being one of the finest materials to be found and is still your best choice for tradition, strength and aesthetics. To shop some of our furniture pieces take a look here, or to see different wood finishes you can view them here in our gallery.