5 Uses For Oak Floating Shelves You’d Never Have Imagined!

Freddie Armstrong

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If you like the look of our oak floating shelves but aren’t sure how you could fit them into your home, we’ve got 5 ingenious ways to use these versatile beauties that you’re going to absolutely adore.

1. Use oak floating shelves instead of kitchen units

Having cupboards on your wall can make your kitchen feel small and claustrophobic. In fact, wall units are becoming less and less popular in the modern kitchen. However, for most of us, our wall cupboards provide useful storage space that we couldn’t do without.

Replacing your wall cupboards with oak floating shelves, will make your kitchen feel more spacious and bring it bang up to date. Use solid oak floating shelves to display everything from your plates and glassware to your favourite herbs. Plus, if you add a row of hooks underneath, you have somewhere to hang your mugs or even a beautiful set of copper pans.

2. Make an open pantry with solid oak floating shelves

There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing some beautifully-labelled food storage when you walk into a kitchen. Get a set of Kilner jars, decant food such as flour, pasta and rice into them, and label each one so you know exactly what is inside each container.

Not only does this look stunning on an oak floating shelf, it’s also a great way to organise your kitchen and means all your ingredients are visible and within easy reach, when you need them.

3. Create a coffee station with an oak floating shelf

More time at home has meant we all have to make our own coffee creations. Use one of our oak floating shelves to construct a coffee station to house your coffee machine, beans and any other coffee-related gadgets you have acquired over the past year.

Again, you could add hooks underneath and hang your coffee cups from the bottom of the shelf. Oh and don’t forget to add a jar of biscuits to your shelf too, to make it look even more tempting.

4. Build your own bar with an oak floating shelf

Staying in doesn’t mean you have to miss out on Happy Hour. Turn an area of your living space into your very own cocktail bar by installing an oak floating shelf and filling it with your favourite tipples. Add a cocktail shaker, a bowl for your citrus fruits and a range of glasses and you’re all set to go. Who needs pubs, anyway?

5. Oak floating shelves make great storage space for your study

Working from home means lots of work-related paraphernalia all over the house. Adding oak floating shelves to otherwise unused wall space, will give you a place to put all of your bits and bobs, keeping the rest of your house and surface spaces neat and clutter free.

We believe that every home should have at least one oak floating shelf. Whether you want to create your own coffee station, open your own personal cocktail bar or simply re-organise your kitchen, we have the perfect oak floating shelf for your home.