We always use oak sourced from sustainably managed forests who are FSC or PEFC certified. We also plant 1 tree for every £50 spent with us. For our oak beams, this equates to planting on average 120 trees for every 1 used. 


We only use QP1 and QPA grade structural oak beams which means the angle at which the grain runs is limited, avoiding cracks to run off too severely and weakening the structure. This is equivalent to D24 or higher Construction grade.


Our oak beams are well air dried ensuring minimal movement once installed in your home. Read more on The importance of air dried oak. Oak beams vary in regards to cracks and splits. Cracks are a good indication of a dry beam and are part of the stunning unique features a natural oak beam has to offer. Once installed, your oak beam will start to acclimatise to room temperature. During this time cracks may change slightly, this is completely normal and will not affect the structural integrity of the beam.  To minimise movement we recommend leaving your beam to acclimatise for 2 weeks prior to fitting. Once installed, gradually increase the heat of your stove over a few weeks. 


Oak is a natural product, therefore knots, colour, grain pattern and other distinguishing features can vary. Some beams may have small areas of pin holing further adding to the rustic effect, we treat these beams with an anti-infestation solution.


Beam sizes are approximate to +/- 5mm.  If you need a length smaller than a standard size please order the next length up and leave a note in checkout to cut it down. Please note, this will make the item non-returnable.  Need something more bespoke? Get in touch for a quote.


Oak Beams are a combustible material and should be positioned a safe distance away from heat sources in line with building and HETAS regulations. Installing a beam too close to a heat source may cause excessive cracking and be unsafe. Read more on How far above a wood burning stove can you install an oak beam



Please note none of the above can be treated as defects.