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Arched Oak Fireplace Beam

Do you want a beam that’s going to add another level of sophistication to your fireplace? Our arched oak beam is skillfully crafted from the best quality air dried European oak.
Section Size

(Height x depth)

  • Beautiful Arched Oak Beam complete with Fixings


    Do you want a beam that’s going to add another level of sophistication to your fireplace? Look no further! We craft our arched oak beam skillfully from the best quality European oak, air dried for maximum stability. The arch starts approximately 6″ in from the ends and reaches approximately 1.5″ at it’s centre. Our Arched oak beam looks particularly impressive when fitted above an original arched brick fireplace.


    Depending on the depth of your arched oak beam, we will provide a unique fixing system to suit. If your oak fireplace beam is 9cm (3.25") deep or less, we machine keyhole brackets into the back. For oak beams deeper than this we will pre drill the back of the beam and supply high quality Hafele concealed shelf supports.

    Both are fantastic fixing solutions. You can use the fittings provided to fix into brick, stone or breeze block walls. You can also fix them into stud walls where timber uprights can be located.


    Please note: The back of the beam is left unfinished.


    What you need to know.

    • Lifetime Guarantee!
    • We work to a tolerance of +/- 5mm
    • Beams with a depth of 9cm (3.5") or less will be fitted with keyhole brackets.
    • Beams with a depth of 11cm (4.25") or more will be supplied with Hafele concealed shelf supports.
    • Our oak is well air dried ensuring any movement once installed is minimal.
    • The oak we supply is QP1 structural grade.
    • We are a trusted online retailer – see our reviews from our past customers.
    • We recommend leaving your beam (removed from the packaging) to acclimatise to your room for 2 weeks prior to installation.


    Important: Please be aware as oak is a natural product, each arched oak beam varies with regards to: cracks, knots, colour, grain pattern and other distinguishing features. Beams sizes are approximate to +/- 5mm. Some beams may have small areas of pin holing which further adds to the reclaimed effect, we will treat these beams with anti infestation solution.

    All of our oak beams are well air dried ensuring minimal movement once you install it in your home. As your beam adjusts to your room temperature further cracks may appear only adding to the character. This is nothing to worry about. Please note that we can not treat any of the above as defects. 


    Oak Beams are a combustible material so it is important that you position the beam a safe distance away from stoves, flues and other heat sources in line with building and HETAS regulations. Installing a beam to close to a heat source may cause excessive cracking and be unsafe.

  • Everything we manufacturer is professionally finished in-house using only the finest products. We achieve this fantastic range with wood stains which penetrate deep into the wood followed by a top coat of wax polish for protection.

    Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee exact colour matches to existing furniture. Please use these colour samples as a guide only, as oak is a natural product colour variation can be expected.

    The following swatch provides a great example of how unfinished oak can vary in colour.

  • Check out our installation guides below… Please note, all installations are different and we can only offer a general guide.

    7.5″x5.5″ beams do not come with fixings.

    Please Note:

    We cannot take any responsibility for any incorrect installations or damage caused during the installation process. Returns are not accepted for items that have been installed.

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